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Custom Built 98-05 GS300 Right Hand Drive Gauge Cluster
Fully Custom Gauge Cluster

Custom Gauge Cluster Overlay

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Custom Built Full Gauge Cluster for 1998-2005 Lexus GS300 / Toyota Aristo.
Available with 160MPH or 260KMH
Orange / White / Clear Needles
Red / Green / Blue / White LED

1998-2005 Lexus GS300 / Toyota Aristo
Fully Custom RHD Gauge Cluster 
Plug and Play for LHD and RHD GS300/Aristo

Speedo Options
160MPH / 260KMH

Gear Selector Options
5 Speed Auto

Needle Options:
Orange / White / Clear 

LED Color Option for Needles:
Red / Green / Blue / White 

LED Color Option for Odometer:
Red / Green / Blue / White / Yellow / Pink

LED Color Shift Position PRND432L:
Red / Blue / White / Pink

This is a fully custom built RHD gauge cluster for 98-05 GS with 2JZ equipped.

Complete with custom overlay kit, LED needles kit, and custom shift position LED, and custom Odometer colors built to your specified design. 

  • Needles are available in Orange / White / Clear
  • LED colors are available for:
  • Needles are available in Red / White / Green / Blue
  • Odometer are available in any of the RGB colors.
  • Shift position (PRND432L) are available in Red / Blue / White / Purple

Videos from Customer Installs
Clear  Needles w/ Blue LED
This is a fully plug and play gauge cluster. Simply remove your old cluster, plug this new cluster in. Adjust dimmer to your preference and reinstall trim bezel.

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