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Immobilizer and Wireless Remote Programming is required for each key when received by customer.
 Detailed instructions are provided with purchase. 

Video instructions are available in this link. You must be a register user to view these videos.

Programming instructions varies for each vehicle.

A CR2032 battery is required for programming the remote.
(Battery is not included due to international shipping laws)


  1. Luxious Auto Flip keys functions and programs just as an OEM key from Lexus/Toyota would.
  2. If you have an aftermarket alarm installed on your vehicle we cannot guarantee the OEM functions and programming process would work with your vehicle. We will not be able to provide any support on this issue.
  3. Our remotes will only work with Lexus branded vehicle. If you have a JDM market vehicle (Altezza, Aristo, Crown, Celsior, etc.) Remote controls will not work due to different frequency bands. We are working on this but have not had any success so far.
  4. The only exception to the immobilizer programming process will be for those customers that has a valet and utilizes our Valet key loaner tool scanner program.
  5. If you have a swapped motor (i.e. Aristo swap or LS swap) and the ECU does not have an immobilizer you will only need to program the remote control. Provided the wiring to the body ecu in charge of the factory alarm system were not modified in any sense.