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1. All of Luxious Automotive keys are $65 each and includes a new remote control, transponder chip, 2 spare uncut key blades, and spare stickers for the back. 

Key cutting services are $10 and is optional. 

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2. For those with a valet key, the transponder copying tool deposit is $75 + $10 postage. You will be responsible for the postage to return the tool to us. Once the tool is received and verified in good working condition, the deposit for the tool will be converted into the cost of 1 key with cutting service.

3. Programming tool for vehicles with 4D transponders (05+ RX350, GX470, LX 470 etc.) The rental deposit is $40 and postage is $10 total of $50. You will receive $40 deposit refund when we receive the programming tool back in good working condition. This only applies to later vehicles with 4D transponder chips that cannot program the keys by button sequences and will require a programming tool.