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Please follow the instructions in this
before ordering.

Each order includes a full replacement flip key which includes: new transponder, new remote control, new flip key shell, 2 extra blades, extra stickers


  • Lexus GS300 1998-2005
  • Lexus GS400 1998-2005
  • Lexus GS430 1998-2005
  • Lexus IS200 1998-2005
  • Lexus IS300 1998-2005
  • Lexus LS400 1998-2000
  • Lexus LS430 2001-2006
  • Lexus LX470 1998-2010
  • Lexus GX470 2003-2009
  • Lexus RX300 1999-2003
  • Lexus RX330 2004-2006
  • Lexus RX350 2006-2008
  • Lexus RX400H 2006-2008
  • Lexus SC300 1998-2000
  • Lexus SC400 1998-2000
  • Lexus SC430 2001-2010

Please contact us directly to inquire about other models.

  • Remote control is NOT Compatible with JDM vehicles i.e.: Altezza, Aristo, Celsior, etc.
  • ***This product is not compatible with Smart Key Systems. If your vehicle is equipped with OEM "push to start" system, this product is not compatible.***


90 days warranty against manufacturers defect.

Each key order is 0.2kg in weight. 

****Shipping costs are calculated separately at check out***
Please visit our shipping policy page for details.

Luxious Automotive Style 1 Flip key front view
Style 1 Key only NO CUT

Luxious Auto Flip Style Keys

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Includes a new remote control, transponder chip, 2 spare uncut key blades, and spare stickers for the back.
This is for Style 1 Key only NO CUT

Please verify whether you have a master or valet key transponder by the security light method described in this link
Select the year of your vehicle
Select the model of your Lexus or Toyota Vehicle. Please contact us if your vehicle is not listed. This product does not work with vehicles equipped with smart keys
Flip Key Styles
Please enter your 5 digit key code. Info about where to locate your key code can be found in this link.
Photo of key blade for key cutting service. If you do not have your key code you can also submit photos of the front and back of the key blade as shown below.
Note: We do not guarantee key cuts if using photo method. A spare blank key blade is included and you will need to have it cut locally. The $10 Key cutting fee will not be refunded. Lexus Factory Key Blade Photo
Maximum 2 files.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg jpeg gif png bmp tif.

All of Luxious Automotive keys are $75 each and includes a new remote control, transponder chip, 2 spare uncut key blades, and spare stickers for the back. Key cutting services are $10 and is optional.
Flip Keys FAQ
Flip key Costs

1. All of Luxious Automotive keys are $65 each and includes a new remote control, transponder chip, a spare uncut key blade, clasp for key ring and spare stickers for the back. 

Key cutting services are $10 and is optional. 

Luxious Auto Key Style Options

2. For those with a valet key, the transponder copying tool deposit is $100 + $10 US postage within the US. You will be responsible for the postage to return the tool to us. Once the tool is received and verified in good working condition, the deposit for the tool will be converted into the cost of 1 key with cutting service.

3. ****Shipping costs are calculated separately at check out***
Please visit our shipping policy page for details.

Each key order is 0.2kg in weight. 

Flip key Programming

Immobilizer and Wireless Remote Programming is required for each key when received by customer.
 Detailed instructions are provided with purchase. 

Video instructions are available in this link. You must be a register user to view these videos.

Programming instructions varies for each vehicle.

A CR2032 battery is required for programming the remote.
(Battery is not included due to international shipping laws)


  1. Luxious Auto Flip keys functions and programs just as an OEM key from Lexus/Toyota would.
  2. If you have an aftermarket alarm installed on your vehicle we cannot guarantee the OEM functions and programming process would work with your vehicle. We will not be able to provide any support on this issue.
  3. Our remotes will only work with Lexus branded vehicle. If you have a JDM market vehicle (Altezza, Aristo, Crown, Celsior, etc.) Remote controls will not work due to different frequency bands. We are working on this but have not had any success so far.
  4. The only exception to the immobilizer programming process will be for those customers that has a valet and utilizes our Valet key loaner tool scanner program.
  5. If you have a swapped motor (i.e. Aristo swap or LS swap) and the ECU does not have an immobilizer you will only need to program the remote control. Provided the wiring to the body ecu in charge of the factory alarm system were not modified in any sense.
Vehicles with Swapped Motors

Things to consider if you have a swapped motor, i.e. 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, LS etc, in a Lexus branded vehicle.

1. Verify whether your ECU is immobilized. If your ECU has an immobilizer, verify whether you have a master or valet key.

2. The body ECU is in charge of wireless remote functions. Our remote control will program in vehicles with swapped motors as long as your stock Body ECU wiring were not altered in any way.

Valet Key Duplication Service

Valet Key Scan Tool Loaner Program

If your key has a valet key transponder and it is your only key, we have a scan tool loaner program that will-

  • Duplicate the valet key transponder so the new key can start your vehicle,
  • Provide a master key blade that will open all the doors, trunk/hatch and glove box,
  • A remote that will wireless lock/unlock doors.

****This process will not give you a master key transponder. It will be a duplicate of your existing valet key transponder.****

The scan tool loaner program process is as follows:

  1. We will send you a scan tool to read your valet transponder chip. The tool will have an $110 cost up front, $10 non refundable postage, $100 refundable deposit.
  2. You will need a windows PC to use the tool to read the key code see video above for example. 
  3. When scan is completed, send the code and the tool back to us. The return postage will be covered by you to our US location. (USPS or UPS should cost $10 or less)
  4. Once the tool is received we will apply the $100 deposit as credit towards a key, so the costs evens out. 

The entire process takes longer than those with a master key but the great news is it will be cheaper than getting a master key made by the dealer or a local locksmith.

The time frame in the whole process will depend on how soon you get the tool back to us. Once the scan tool is when we will send the key out to you from our Taiwan location.

  • This program is limited to US customers only! 
  • There is a scan tool in AU, however, the tool is owned by one of our customers and it's up to you to make arrangements with the owner to have your key scanned.

Customers will still need to program the remote control upon receiving the new key. Remote control programming instructions will be provided with the key.

How to locate the 5 digit key code.

Every Toyota/Lexus vehicle utilizes a 5 digit key code for the lock set. The following locations are possible ways to locate the key code to your vehicle.

  1. Lexus vehicles typically ships with a key number plate and an emergency flat key. See (3 and 4 of attached photo.) Check your owner's manual or glove box for these items. (note: if an emergency flat key is found, please verify the key in fact is for your vehicle by turning it in your door locks and ignition.) If there are any doubts whether the key matches, please send us a photo of your ignition key and emergency key side by side for comparison.

    Lexus Factory Key Code Location

  2. Key codes can be obtained from most local Lexus dealers. Typically Registered owners must go to the dealership in person and provide valid registration and driver's license to obtain the key code.

  3. Key codes can also be located on most Toyota/Lexus door locks. Each vehicles locations varies. These are the locations we are aware of. For other vehicles, you may try to locate your key code by removing your front door's door locks.

    For 98-05 Lexus GS, the key code is located on the right side door lock.
    Lexus Factory Key Code Location

    For 98-05 Lexus IS200 / IS300, the key code is located on the driver's door lock.
    Lexus Factory Key Code Location

Key Cutting by Photo

Key cutting service by photo

We can cut keys by a clear photo of your key blade, however, this service will not be guaranteed as we are working with just a photo a customer sent us. Resolution & focus of picture and clarity of the key groove will help with us provide a good cut.

  1. When sending us a photo for key cut, please provide a full face on view of the grooves on your key. A clearer view of your key will ensure the likelihood of a successful cut.

    Lexus Factory Key Blade Photo

    We visually decode the key's grooves and enter the code into our key cutting machine.

    Lexus Factory Key Blade Photo


  2. Although failure in cutting by photo does occur on occasion (1/1000), it is quite rare.
  3. In the event a key cut has failed, customers will need to have a local locksmith cut the spare key blades included in the package.


We always prefer to cut keys by 5 digit key codes to ensure successful key cuts. Key code is located on the key number plate, or on the flat key See (3 and 4 of attached photo.) 

Lexus Factory Key Code Location

Processing & Shipping

Generally all keys are processed and shipped from Taiwan by postal service within 24 hours of completing the following:

  • Master/valet key check
  • Key Style selection
  • Photo or key code if optional key cutting service is selected
  • Payment by Paypal
  • Confirmation of Shipping address listed on Paypal

Delays will occur if any of the above is not completed before end of business day.

7-10 business days are average for shipping times. But this time frame is NOT guaranteed.

Local postal service is the most economical way to keep the cost down for customers and have generally great delivery on time rates.

Optional 5 business Days Express Mail Service is available for $20. 

  • Signatures are typically required for receiving the package since our key products are shipped from Taiwan to destinations worldwide.
  • Batteries are not allowed with keys due to internationally shipping rules. Customers are required to purchase a CR2032 battery.
  • Generally there are no custom fees for a key purchase. However, for EU countries custom fees may or may incur depending on the country and total invoice. We are not responsible for any custom fees so please check your local custom rules before placing an order.


What is a 'Master Key

What is a "Master Key"

From the factory, master keys includes a remote control and a key blade that will unlock all the doors, glove box, and trunk lock out if your vehicle is equipped with such device.

Master Key Transponder will also allow vehicle owners to program additional keys.

Typically 2001+ Lexus vehicles also comes with Master Key transponders in the emergency flat key.

What is a 'Valet Key'?

What is a "Valet Key"

From the factory, a Valet Key is included with every Lexus vehicle as a security feature for when Valet parking services are used.

By design, the key blade is cut to prevent access to the trunk and glove box.

Valet Key Transponders is blocked from entering key programming modes to prevent illicit programming of additional keys.


Wireless Remote Controls

Each vehicle allows 4 remote controlled to be programmed to the body ECU at any time. 

The body ecu in charge of the wireless remote system is separate from the immobilizer system that allows the starting of the vehicle. Our remotes can be programmed regardless of whether you have a master or valet key transponder.

Our remote control will program if you have a swapped motor in a Lexus branded vehicle (i.e. 2JZ-GTE Aristo or LS motor swapped into a GS or IS). Provided the wiring for the body ecu in charge of the wireless remote system were not modified.

Due to frequency differences, our Flip Keys are not programmable to JDM vehicles. So you have a JDM Toyota badged Aristo, Altezza, Celsior etc. our remotes will not work.

Luxious Auto Key Style Options

Keys Equipped With Each Vehicle From Factory

Since 1998 (or earlier) Every Lexus vehicle came from the factory with 2 master key, 1 valet key, and a emergency flat key.

Each key contains 3 parts- Remote Control, Transponder and Key Blade

Remote control- Wirelessly Locks and unlocks vehicle. 4 remote slots are available to be programmed each vehicle

Transponders- bypasses the security immobilizer so the engine could be started. 4 Master key and 2 valet key transponders are available to be programmed to each vehicle.

Key Blade- physically opens the locks on the doors/hatch/glove box and turns the ignition.

What to do when all keys are lost?

Since 1998 all Lexus branded vehicles (and some Toyota vehicles) are equipped with immobilizers.  When all types of keys (master or valet key) are lost there are only a few options to get pass the immobilizers.

1. If the vehicle is 2002+, the ECU can be flashed by the dealer with a special seed code obtained thru Lexus Headquarters. This service is quite expensive. 
Note: Some locksmiths can offer the same service. Call around on yelp to see if any locksmiths in your area can assist.

2. Purchase an ECU and Key pair from a vehicle of similar year and model that is being parted out. It is important that the transponder is included.

3. We have the capability of reflashing the ECU, however, the cost to mail the ECU mail not be worth the cost. Dillan Jelitto another Lexus enthusiast that provides aftermarket parts is able to flash certain ECUs and provide a new chip. Send him a message for assistance.

4. Learn how to program on machine level and Re-seed the IC-900 EEprom with the following instructions.

Battery Installation Instructions.

A CR2032 battery is required. Due to international shipping laws, we are not allowed to include a battery with the key.